Shave Like You Mean It

Our shaving kits are made with all natural and organic ingredients to polish your mug the right way.

To Shave, Or Not To Shave

Here's how it works...

First and foremost, unlike other shaving products our kits don’t contain harmful chemicals that damage your face. It’s ok... you can say your goodbyes to that aerosol can.

Shaving Oil

Our oil provides the proper foundation for your razor to give an extraordinary shave. We’ve got jojoba, grape seed, macadamia, and other essential oils to lubricate and protect your face. Nicks, cuts, razor burns?

Not with Shavespeare. Your face can look to a brighter future without shaving irritation. Oh, and tell your pores not to worry. We keep them free and clear...

Shaving Brush

...In fact, this guy exfoliates your pores. We built our shaving brush with only quality badger hair. It not only removes dirt and dead skin from your face, but it softens and lifts those hairs to give your razor a clear target.

Shaving Cream

Aside from all of the essential oils and vitamins to nurture that beautiful work of art, it's glycerin based, which means that it's going moisturize and have your razor gliding across your face like Apolo Anton Ohno... it doesn't get much smoother than that.

Aftershave Lotion

Who doesn't like a cherry on top? This bad boy renders the finishing touches on a nearly perfect shave. Shavespeare's Aftershave Lotion is pH balanced and contains aloe, more jojoba, and... well, you get it.

Be A Romantic